CSA 2015 Week #3


  • Lettuce
  • Napa cabbage or dutch cabbage
  • Radishes
  • Carrots
  • Swiss chard
  • Sweet onion
  • Fennel
  • Strawberries
  • Spinach (some sites only)

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS: We just wanted to remind you all again that we harvest twice a week for the CSA, but only write the blog once a week, so there may be small differences between the list of vegetables on the blog and what you receive in your box. As crops ripen we harvest what is ready and divide it equally among the members and keep really great records of what everyone has received so don’t worry, you will all get a fair share of the harvest!

CSA PAYMENTS: With the new chip technology, many credit card companies are updating their cards. If you have set up an automatic payment with the farm, and have received a new card since you set up your payment, please do get in touch with that new info before July 1st (or whenever your scheduled payment date is set for). It will save us a lot of time dealing with failed transactions…thanks for your help with this! If you have not set up your payment as yet, please do so as soon as possible.

BLUEBERRIES! We have been getting delicious blueberries from Sunset Valley Organics for the last few years to put in your share, and we just got word that they are going to be ready for harvest soon! Just to give you a head’s up, you will be receiving your blueberries the week of July 7th and July 14th (that will be July 8th & July 15th for Wednesday members). There will be availability of bulk blueberry flats as well….the cost this season will be $40 for a 10# flat of bulk berries. You can preorder by calling or emailing the farm. There is a schedule for ordering, which will be in the weekly email you received as well as on the clip board at your drop site the next two weeks.

CSA SHARE PICKUP DEADLINE! We have had the most successful start of the season this year by far. Thanks to all of you who remembered to pick up your shares before the 7pm deadline! Now that the first two weeks have passed, the site hosts are no longer required to call you to remind you, and the 7pm deadline will be enforced. If you have not called to let your host know you will be late, or unable to get to the site, your share will not be available to you….Your site hosts are happy to make other arrangements as long as they hear from you, so if you need your site host contact info, please let Linda know and she will be happy to provide that for you.
How to Make Kimchi at Home from The Kitchn (WGF farmer Jeremy loves to make Kimchi and he says his secret is a lot of garlic and not too much salt) Does anyone want to share their favorite way to make kimchi?
News From the Field
It was a beautiful morning out in the radishes and Napa cabbage. Jeremy was driving the tractor with a tote on the end as Jeremiah and Kevin loaded up the cabbage they had harvested…
The rest of the crew was harvesting your radishes, working hard to get them up and bunched so they could get washed as soon as possible, before the heat of the afternoon could wilt their tender leaves.

The energy on the farm is buzzing with this heat! The farmers can’t believe how early crops are coming on this year! It looks and feels like the middle of July out on the farm right now, and it’s only just been summer solstice!  The crew is arriving at the farm early to beat the afternoon heat, and working hard to make sure all the crops are staying cool and hydrated.

It is always exciting to see how quickly the vegetables grow with these long warm days of early summer. It all starts in the greenhouse, everything begins as a tiny seed, time flies by and in a few short months those seeds become delicious food that we get to share with you! It really is fulfilling work and we hope you can taste not only the vibrant, tasty vegetables, but the good energy and hard work that went into growing it for you. 

We hope you are all enjoying these warm summer days and long breezy evenings. We live in a pretty spectacular place this time of year! May you make delicious meals out of the vegetables in your box, shared with people you love!

Happy Summer!

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