CSA Week #10



For those of you who ordered Blueberry flats, they will be arriving at your delivery location this week….all of the flats will be labeled, so please make sure to take the one that is labeled for you to avoid confusion, and extra work for the site hosts….if you have not paid for your flats as yet, you can send a check to the farm address below, or if you have a card on file for you, we’re happy to take care of payment using that (you can also call/email with card info).
Speaking of payments, if you have set up a recurring payment, the second Half Payment will be processed on August 15th. If you have changed your card info since you set up the payment schedule, or moved to a new address, please do get in touch sooner than later so we can update the info. As we don’t charge a fee for using cards, we do try to avoid the extra fees from a declined transaction whenever possible…we appreciate your effort in keeping your info on file up to date.
Our Heirloom Tomato patch is in a bit of a lull, so we won’t be offering bulk flats for the next week or so….we should have slicer tomatoes available soon!
Cherry tomatoes
Green Beans

This being the 10th week of delivery, we are basically halfway through the Standard Season. We have only a few more seedings to plant in the greenhouse, preparing for late Fall, and the transplanting these days consists of Fall crops as well….this farming life keeps you a month or two ahead of where you actually are, and it seems to make time move forward exponentially.

About this time I like to check in with members…..like to hear if there are any issues, but also to hear what is going well. I especially like to share the thoughts about what is going well with our crew, to give them added incentive through these long hot days. Feel free to email any thoughts, stories, or excitement about your veggies with me so that I can share aloud with the crew at the morning circle. If any of you have something you would like to see written about in the Blog, or if you would like to contribute as a guest blogger with a related interest, we would love to hear from you!

IMG_1504This afternoon, it’s a “bagging party” as all hands are busy filling bags with veggies. Here, Kiegan, Arissa, Carlea and Erik are bagging up your potatoes….

IMG_1507Shannon and Jabrila are bagging up your basil…..

IMG_1508and Shenoa is taking care of bagging up your Green Beans. Since all of these crops need to weighed, as well as bagged, this process can take up the whole afternoon when there are several crops to bag all at once! While it does take time, it’s also a good time for the crew to gather in the shade, and share some time together.

IMG_0211Josh’s job on Monday afternoons is to get a delivery ready for FOOD for Lane County. Any vegetable that isn’t quite the quality we like to share with CSA members, or sell at our Farmers’ Markets, gets boxed up for donation to FOOD for Lane County. It’s a “cool” job, as it needs to be done in the cooler…..brrrrrr! By the end of the season, we can share as much as 10,000 lbs. of food with them. Their crew  then sorts through all of the donations, and makes food boxes to help those in need in our community. FOOD for Lane County also has their own farm in Springfield, where they grow food for a small CSA and for donation toward the food boxes as well. Another wonderful aspect of their farm is to bring in teens to work on the farm. The teens have to apply for the position, and then are taught all aspects of the “farming life”, giving them a real sense of not only where their food comes from, but also learning life skills in working together & communication, and real hands on experience in planting, harvesting, and creating food boxes for their customers. To find out more about their program, you can visit their website at FOOD for Lane County Youth Farm & Gardens.

Well, I’d love to chat more, but I’m going to head up the to pack out area and help do some bagging with the crew…hope you all have a wonderful week, and enjoy your veggies!

Linda and all of your Winter Green Farmers

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