CSA Week #21 ~ 2nd Late Season Share




64 W 8th Alley. Eugene, OR 97401

Owner/chefs Mark Kosmicki and Tiffany Norton at Party Downtown will cook up a fantastic menu with farm fresh meat and produce contributed by Laughing Stock Farm, Winter Green Farm, Camas Swale Farm, Deck Family Farm, Good Food Easy, L’toile  Ruby and Amber, and Turnip the Beet. Claim 52 is contributing the beer!

 $50 per dinner reservation. $25 of this goes to That’s My Farmer for its Low Income Fund. The fund subsidizes farm food boxes for those unable to afford them.

 Make checks out to That’s My Farmer and send to That’s My Farmer, 22839 Willow Lane, Veneta, OR 97487. Write Benefit Dinner on the memo line.

 You will be placed on the reservation list when payment is received. Include your email or phone number on the check, and you will be notified. Party Downtown is located at 64 West 8th Alley in Eugene, behind Red Wagon Creamery on West 9th St.

 That’s My Farmer is a coalition of 15 faith communities and 15 farms.


If  you would like to order, and have it delivered to your site before the end of the season, just call/email the farm. We can offer cases, or jars….they make great holiday gifts!       Price info below in the Blog post.


  • Kale, Lacinato
  • Delicata Squash
  • Cabbage, Savoy
  • Carrots
  • Pac Choi
  • Lettuce
  • Pears, Star Krimson
  • Potatoes
  • Leeks


Delicata Squash & Roasted Mushrooms w/Thyme

Delicata Squash Bake w/Tahini Sauce

Leek & Herb Frittata (Kuki Sabzi)

Chickpea Pancakes w/Leeks, Squash & Yogurt

Leek & Potato Galette w/Pistachio Crust

Pear Upside Down Cake

Pumpkin-Pear Crisps


Welcome to the 2nd week of the Late Season CSA Share…the first week’s delivery went well! We were able to pick up all of the empty boxes at the delivery sites that are not Late Season sites, as well as deliver to all the sites that are, and keep to our schedule! I went on delivery with Josh, as Erik was out of town at a Permaculture Building workshop, and it was great to visit all of the sites, and even meet up with a few of our members.

There won’t be too many photos this week, as the main focus on the farm this week is RAIN, RAIN, RAIN! Everyone’s hands are muddy most of the time, so phones & cameras haven’t been coming out…plus, I have been on Jury Duty and not on farm too much this week. Wali has been keeping track of rainfall on the farm for the past 30 odd years, and he says that this is the wettest October on record with over 11 inches of the wet stuff, with the exception of one year where we had 7 inches! We don’t need any rain gauges to tell us it’s wet though, as the  mud clinging stubbornly to boots and the soggy rain gear and clothes tell the true story.

This week we have been washing lots of carrots and burdock for wholesale orders, and it looks like we’ll be hand digging what’s left in the ground, as we won’t be able to get tractors and harvesting implements into the fields until things dry out a bit, which doesn’t look like a probable event.


We hosted the Cesar Chavez Elementary School this week with 3 field trips for the 5th grade classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday…they enjoyed hayrides in the “conestoga wagon”, harvested lots of fresh veggies from the fields and then snacked on them for


lunch. One of the highlights of the day was meeting Jabrila’s horses, Dakota & Eddie.


They were a very enthusiastic group, and Jabrila & Wali enjoyed themselves as well.

We just picked up the new batch of Strawberry Spread and Tomato Sauce from Sweet Creek Foods….let me know if you would like to order some, and I can send it to  your delivery location for you before the end of the season. The costs will be $85/case for the Tomato Sauce, and $7.50/jar…..the Strawberry Spread will be $50/case and $4.75/jar.



Chris and Shannon hosted our annual Crew Appreciation Dinner on Saturday evening, and treated all of us to a feast extraordinaire! Chris cooked a brisket in his cobb oven, and grilled lamb from his flock, and there was a platter of roasted veggies, along with a kale salad and a vegetarian squash soup.. Shannon out did herself with desserts…..pumpkin cheesecake, candied ginger chocolate ganache, pear tarts, and pies…..we certainly all ate well and felt very much appreciated for sure….thank you!! Just another reason to feel grateful for working on this amazing farm, for such awesome folks!

We hope that you all have a really fun weekend, and enjoy your veggies!

Linda and all of your Winter Green Farmers

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